About Us & Pay Per Call Advertising

Call-Only Campaign ads look very similar to typical PPC ads, but they’re designed to encourage users to call the advertiser, rather than click on an ad and visit a landing page. As you can see in the image above, advertisers can enable the new ad type from within AdWords simply by selecting “Call-Only” from the Search Network ad settings page. This makes it even easier for users to actually call businesses using this ad format. Yes, the business’s URL will still be displayed in Call-Only Campaign ads, but that’s not the focus. Google wants to remove any potential barriers between prospects and businesses using this ad format, and as you can see, these ads are pretty clickable... Hello my name is Antonio, I am the owner of Unified Success SEO & Social Media Marketing Services. I’m a big fan of Pay Per Call. I like running direct network campaigns with it, and using it for local lead gen and private offers. I think we are just scratching the surface of the possibilities for the technology. The ability to track calls like clicks is a real game changer. Pay Per Call Advertising, recognizing the importance of calls to local and many national merchants, Google is allowing AdWords advertisers now to bid on Call Only ads. We devloped a new method using Google Pay Per Call campaigns to get local businesses such as Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers and many more actual customers by posting Google Ads and instead of sending them to a landing page or website but directly call your business. This approach will instantly increase leads, sales and qualified buyers for local businesses.

Why Call-Only Campaigns? What makes this strategy so brilliant is that Google is effectively removing the leakiest part of the conversion funnel for advertisers. In desktop PPC advertising, you pay for clicks that divert users to a landing page. The problem is that you’ll likely lose 19 out of 20 prospects you send to your landing pages, even if they’re highly optimized. Even then, half of the leads you do manage to capture from your landing pages will be junk, as you can only reach out to them so quickly after they submit their information. With mobile, you capture 100% of the calls to leads, and you’re able to connect with them at the precise moment you need to – when they’re actively searching and ready to commit to a purchase. Based on the data in the figure above, we estimate that calls to a business are worth at least three times as much than clicks to websites, making this a powerful way to reach time-sensitive leads you may lose otherwise.Contrary to popular belief, Local businesses need marketing today to survive. Makind post on Social Media is not simply random enough to get customers to buy or use your services. Social media post, as we know really do not make sales. We feel our new approach will be a game changer because we will directly be marketing to mobile users already searching for you or your services.

It is a long established fact that Average conversion rates for online only campaigns is around 1-3%. Pay Per Call is around 30-50%. You also get Higher final sales prices with Pay Per Call, Better CTR with ads including a phone number and get to speak to hot leads calling YOU. As you can see, Pay per call has some pretty impressive stats going for it, so how can you get started? The easiest way is to just fill out our form and we will contact you give you a quote and get started asap on your campaigns.

Our Services and Ads works for all Niches but below are some of the local niches that they work really good for?

  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Dentist
  • Plumbers
  • Water Damage or Flood Repair Services
  • Wedding Planning Services
  • Physiotherapist, Oteopaths, Chiropractors
  • Cemetries & Crematories
  • Daycare & Child services
  • Holistic & Alternativ Medical Practioners
  • Storage Facilities
  • Home Improvement Services
  • Roofers, Contractors & Landscapers
  • Many More...